Content Monetization Reinvented

SleekPlay is a new blockchain based content monetization platform that extracts the value in your time and computational power of your device to profit you and the content provider.
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5,000+ Community

A growing community of over 5000+ active members and influencers


Integerated with Bancor

Providing liquidity for SKP token holders to enable conversion with other tokens

Introducing Sleekplay


Blockchain Platform

Powered by the same Cryptonote blockchain as Monero. Sleekplay is optimized to efficiently harness the power of devices in order to monetize content.



SKP is the cryptocurrency that drives the Sleekplay platform. It serves as a utility for incentivising content, paying developers and rewarding users. It can also be traded on an exchange.


Mobile First

SleekPlay leverages the ubiquity and growing power of mobile devices. Users enjoy content on the go while being able to earn rewards and generate revenue for application developers.

The SleekPlay platform leverages the power of blockchain computing to create value from the time you spend engaging with applications


The Problem: Ads are Obsolete

Users are continuously bugged by ads downgrading their overall experience and developers have to sacrifice brand equity and customer satisfaction in order to monetize content, without the guarantee to fully tap into the value of every user.


Our Solution: Incentivized Engagement

Our unique solution harnesses the power of devices through blockchain computing and user engagement time defined as goals, to generate revenue for developers and providers, while also rewarding users for their engagement.

How the Sleekplay Platform Works

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Downloads and consumes content on Sleekplay-powered apps, games or services and receives incentives for their engagement.

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Developers & Providers

Integrates with the Sleekplay platform to provide value to their users, while converting user engagement into revenue.

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SleekPlay API

Handles the distribution and sharing of rewards and payouts to users and developers alike.

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Sleekplay benefits both users & developers

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Ad free Experience

Users can experience their favourite applications without ad interruptions.

Play & Earn@2x

Play & Earn

As users enjoy their favorite streaming apps and games, Sleekplay rewards them with SKP. Accrued SKP can be exchanged for digital goods or cash.


More Revenue than Ads

As a result of our goal system and incentives, developers earn more per user than with ads.

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Positive Experiences

As mining eliminates the needs for ads, developers can deliver quality services and protect their brand equity.


Better User Engagement

Due to the unique Sleekplay goal system & user incentives, users engage more with applications, increasing revenue and conversion metrics.

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Competitive Edge

Applications integrating with SleekPlay attract more users than the competition,with the allure of earning SKP coins.

Coin Distribution

Our available coin supply of 6.44 Billion SKP coins will be allocated as outlined below

  • Main ICO

  • Pre ICO

  • Team

  • Marketting

  • Private Round

  • Advisory

  • Bounty Program

ICO Roadmap

March 11, 2018
Sleekplay announces crowdsale
1st April, 2018
Private round starts
14th May, 2018
Pre-ICO starts
TBA June, 2018
Main ICO starts
July, 2018
Platform development commenses

Advisory Team


Amarpreet Singh

ASEAN Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation

Amarpreet Singh

ASEAN Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation


Amar is one of the leading advocates and contributing member of Global Blockchain community, ASEAN Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation, ICOBench rated top ‘Expert’ and is Advisory Board Member of many Blockchain projects around the world. Amar’s background includes working with Tier 1 firms such as Microsoft, the World Bank, Airbus etc., and advising startups and speaking at various technology forums. His educational background includes B.E. (Computer Science) and three Masters degrees from three Universities around the globe (including MBA from National University of Singapore).


Martin D Adams

CEO & Co-founder, Codec

Martin D Adams

CEO & Co-founder, Codec


CEO and Co-founder of Codec. He has served as a Royal Marines consultant on Psychographic terrain mapping for the UK. He is an adviser for Second Screen and the Inspire Movement and Co founder of the Digital leadership Council.


Paul McClements

Manager, Sandals PLC

Paul McClements

Manager, Sandals PLC


Quality and Certification Manager at Sandal Plc. Paul has worked as a Certificates Engineer at a number firms including Sira Services. He is well travelled and a specialist in international trade and procurement. He has also been an advisor to the Defense Ordnance Safety Group

Core Team


Emmanuel Obare

Developer & CTO, Sleekplay

Emmanuel Obare

Developer & CTO, Sleekplay


Responsible for the Sleekplay blockchain and entire back-end infrastructure. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Studied software engineering at the University of East London. He is well travelled and has been part of various tech startups around the world.


Isaac Ikoro

Business Strategist, Sleekplay

Isaac Ikoro

Business Strategist, Sleekplay


He studied Computer science at the University of Manitoba as well as business management. He is part of the development team building the Sleekplay platform and is also a seasoned consultant and business strategist, well-travelled and also consults for governments in developing countries.


Becky George-David

Software Developer, NatWest Markets

Becky George-David

Software Developer, NatWest Markets


She is the overall operations manager for the Sleekplay project and developer. She has worked an associate software developer for NatWest markets and RBS markets.


Shannon Marie Harkin

Financial Analyst, Barclays Bank

Shannon Marie Harkin

Financial Analyst, Barclays Bank


She is the financial analyst for the Sleekplay project overseeing all financial projections and decisions and the overall economics of the project. She has worked for Barclays Bank as a financial analyst, she is seasoned and vastly experienced.

What’s Next

Download Wallet

The SleekPlay GUI wallet will be live after the main ICO. You will be able to download and create a wallet address to store your SKP coins.

Redeem Tokens

You can redeem your SKP tokens for SKP coins once the main ICO comes to a close and the GUI wallet goes live.

Register for Pre-Sale

Register here to get updates on the upcoming pre-sale event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SleekPlay Pre ICO?

    It is a new way of raising funds through a token generation event that gives you an opportunity early on to get SKP at a low rate before the main ICO. It is your way of contributing to the development of the SleekPlay project.

  • How to participate in the SleekPlay Pre ICO crowdfunding event?

    To participate in the PreICO, you will need to sign up with a secure email. You will need to have Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet and send it to the provided address within your dashboard when you click the buy button. Enter the amount you want to contribute in dollars and send us the equivalent in BTC or ETH as shown within your dashboard.

  • What you need to know for the PreICO?

    You will need Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet. You can only send your funds once the events commences and ensure you sign up with a secure email address. Also make sure you make provisions for the fees to confirm the transaction.

  • What’s next after you Invest?

    Once you send us your funds, within 30 minutes to a few hours, the transaction will be confirmed and your account within the dashboard will be updated. You will also receive a confirmation email.

  • How to redeem your token?

    After the main ICO ends, we will send your tokens to your address through our smart contract. However, you will need to pass a simple KYC process to do this.

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