Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SleekPlay Pre ICO?

    It is a new way of raising funds through a token generation event that gives you an opportunity early on to get SKP at a low rate before the main ICO. It is your way of contributing to the development of the SleekPlay project.

  • How to participate in the SleekPlay Pre ICO crowdfunding event?

    To participate in the PreICO, you will need to sign up with a secure email. You will need to have Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet and send it to the provided address within your dashboard when you click the buy button. Enter the amount you want to contribute in dollars and send us the equivalent in BTC or ETH as shown within your dashboard.

  • What you need to know for the PreICO?

    You will need Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet. You can only send your funds once the events commences and ensure you sign up with a secure email address. Also make sure you make provisions for the fees to confirm the transaction.

  • What’s next after you Invest?

    Once you send us your funds, within 30 minutes to a few hours, the transaction will be confirmed and your account within the dashboard will be updated. You will also receive a confirmation email.

  • How to redeem your token?

    After the main ICO ends, we will send your tokens to your address through our smart contract. However, you will need to pass a simple KYC process to do this.

  • What do I need to pass KYC?

    You must not be from a region prohibited from participating in a token generation event. Refer to our terms and conditions to make sure You will have to prove your identity and address.

  • What do I do with the SKP tokens?

    You can begin to convert the tokens for other tokens on the Bancor Network and other exchanges. Once our GUI wallet is live, you can go to the ‘redeem tokens’ section of our website and redeem tokens for SKP coins and start enjoying the various uses of the coin.

  • Is my contribution refundable?

    Your contribution to the SleekPlay crowdfunding event is non refundable and so we advise that you scrutinize our project and white paper and make a final decision to participate. We do however want to state that we are committed to our project and are certain that contributors will benefit greatly.

  • What is Sleekplay?

    Sleekplay is a new blockchain-based content monetization solution that harnesses the computational power of devices to reward users and profit developers.

  • What is a Goal System?

    A goal system is a solution employed by SleekPlay to encourage users to dedicate computing power for
    a set period to unlock rewards that benefit the ecosystem.

  • How do you benefit from SleekPlay?

    You get paid in SKP for consuming content, you get unlimited access to content without ads, you monetize you time and achievements and can convert your SKP to other tokens and fiat through exchanges.

  • How do developers or service providers benefit from Sleekplay?

    SleekPlay makes it possible for developers/providers earn more revenue from the same number of users
    without compromising on service delivery.

  • Why should I exchange other crytocurrencies for SKP?

    Participants coming on board during any of the rounds, benefit from a coin with real world application and as adoption grows, so does its demand and value. Content monetization demands a forward thinking model, and SKP is the coin behind the SleekPlay platform with a truly dynamic model that is symbiotic.